Senator Outraged Over Eyehategod Baby-Eating Poster Now Hospitalized with Covid-19


Who here remembers Jason Rapert? In the world of short internet attention spans, last year’s viral stories were an eternity ago, so how about a quick refresher?

The Arkansas State Senator, who is a Republican, became very upset over this Eyehategod show poster, which he said is “disrespectful of all who value babies lives” [sic]:

Senator Outraged Over Eyehategod Baby-Eating Poster Now Hospitalized with Covid-19

At the time, Rapert — who has previously taken on the Satantic Temple, is anti-choice, has advocated nuking ISIS, suggested that the United States should adopt Saudi Arabia’s violent laws against homosexuality, and famously told a Tea Party rally that “we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in” — issued the following highly amusing statement, much to the amusement of the metalsphere:

“Friends, I rarely share with you the hateful posts and pictures that extreme liberals make about me to torment my stand for better moral values. But this time I want you to see what they have done. They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me ‘biting a baby’ in my mouth. A wicked and evil depiction on an event entitled ‘Eyehategod’. I call on Vinos in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives. It is disrespectful of all who value babies lives and people of faith. They also clearly welcome the Satanic Temple in another post I am sharing. I urge you NOT to frequent Vinos and stand against their hateful rhetoric.”

So why are we talking about Rapert again today, over a year later? Well, like so many Republicans, Rapert has spent the past several months claiming Covid-19 is “biggest political hoax in history” spread by “liberal quacks” and has called mask-wearing measures “draconian.” And now the fucker has come down with Covid-19, is in the hospital, and has completely back-tracked on his words.

According to a report from The New Civil Right Movement, Rapert is now in the hospital being treated for the coronavirus and pneumonia. “We have all been doing our best to wear a mask, social distance and be careful like everyone else,” Rapert wrote in a statement on Thursday. “This virus is serious and can attack anyone regardless of age or general health…”

Senate President Pro Tempore Jim Hendren said that Rapert is responding well to treatment. “There’s no question that it hit him hard but he’s getting great treatment, and we’re hopeful he will recover soon,” Hendren said, according to Arkansas Online.

We certainly do not wish physical ill will towards Rapert, but we hope his infection serves as a wake-up call for him on others in government to start doing what’s right to control the spread of the virus.

Here are some amusing Twitter reactions to Rapert’s announcement that he’d come down with Covid-19:

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