David Silveria Says He Hasn’t Heard Any Korn Songs From the Albums He’s Not On, is Probably Lying

  • Axl Rosenberg

David Silveria has become the Steven Adler of his generation. All he does is talk about the famous band of which he used to be a member and alternate talking shit about them with complaining that that they won’t take him back, like he was still in the midst of a messy break-up that actually happened almost fifteen years ago. If I felt feelings, it would make me feel sad.

The latest in the Silveria/Korn debacle comes via a new interview the drummer did with Hablas ROCKas, in which he claimed he hasn’t heard any of the music Korn have made since he split with the band in 2006:

“No offense to Korn — I don’t hold any grudges or whatever — but I just haven’t listened to any of their music since I’ve been gone… It wasn’t out of spite or anger or anything like that. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in what they were doing. I had people tell me and describe their music and all that, but I’ve never listened to a whole song… And I definitely don’t mean that in any kind of insulting way. I just haven’t.”

It’s weird to hear a guy who said that Jonathan Davis’ wife put the singer’s testicles in a jar and called Fieldy “a cowardly little bitch” and a “judgmental self-righteous idiot” claim he doesn’t hold grudges. Even more tellingly, though, it also contradicts this statement Silveria made in 2015:

“They just don’t have it in them to right [sic] songs that can stand up to our first three records… I believe [their next album] will be the same crap they have been putting out for years. As soon as Jon stopped writing with the entire band the music when [sic] to shit. And I’m sure their new record will be more shit… You can call a turd a diamond but it doesn’t make it so!!”

So Silveria is either lying when he says he hasn’t heard any of the music Korn made without him, or he compared music he’d never actually heard to feces. Neither of which would do a whole lot for the dude’s cred level.

Here’s what I think happened (and please keep in mind I am recklessly speculating): Silveria, who said last year that has apologized to all the other members of Korn for comments he made in the past, finally realized if he keeps talking smack about the band in the press, they will probably never let him back in. So he can’t criticize the albums they made without him. But he also can’t compliment those albums, because his ego, manipulative reasoning (if Korn are good without Silveria, why would they ever reunite with him?), or both won’t allow him to do so. Thus, he made this BS comment and hope no one would notice. But we are the Internet, David, and we… see… ALL!!!

You can watch the full interview with Silveria below. He has a new band called Breaking in a Sequence, or, who recently released a mediocre cover of Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis” (as if Korn haven’t done enough to damage FNM’s legacy). That’s streaming at the bottom of this post.


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