Girish and the Chronicles Channel Skid Row in New Video for “Every Night Like Tonight”


If you read my best of 2020 year-end list — and why wouldn’t you? my taste is obviously the pinnacle of metal evolution — you’ll see that my #3 pick is the latest album by Girish and the Chronicles, a young Indian five-piece who ape late ’80s / early ’90s sleaze metal so well you’d think you just stepped out of a time machine and landed on 1990 Sunset Strip. Sometimes you simply don’t realize how badly you need a dose of Skid Row or Slaughter. But you need it to be new Skid Row or Slaughter, and you need the guys playing it to be young and full of energy… know what I mean?

The band’s new video for “Every Night Like Tonight” is a straight performance clip filmed inside a small club — no rocking out in the ruins of the Indian desert this time — but the stripped down approach underscores just how much ass these guys kick, and the song itself is a perfect example of what I was talking about in the preceding paragraph. Everything about this video just kicks ass. KICKASS. That’s what these guys are. Fuck, they’re so good!

Watch the video for “Every Night Like Tonight” below. Rock the Highway is out now and available here.

Girish himself also plays in Firstborne with guitarist Hugh Myrone and ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler.

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