Asphyx’s New Song “Knights Templar Stand” Is Not About Economics


Did you know that the Knights Templar were big into finance? Nobody every really talks about that for some reason. I guess it wouldn’t make for a very exciting Assassin’s Creed game or death metal song.

Thus, frontman Martin van Drunen reveals, Asphyx’s new single “Knights Templar Stand,” concentrates more on the part of the organization that killed people than the part that studied economics:

“A mainly very heavy uptempo track about the Knights Templar battling bravely in the Levant. Outnumbered by many, standing their ground until the very end. A typical Asphyx song in our well-known neck-breaking metal style and fashion.”

I can never understand what van Drunen is screaming during these songs anyway, so I’m going to pretend it’s about finance. Honestly the dudes on Wall Street scare me almost as much as guys with swords.

Listen to “Knights Templar Stand” below. It’s the third single from Asphyx’s new album, Necroceros, after “Botox Implosion.”

Necroceros comes out January 22 via Century Media. Pre-order it here.

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