Sacred Reich’s Phil Rind Offers Violent Trump Supporters Constructive Criticism


Before we begin, I’d just like to quickly dedicate this post to Erik L., whose intelligent, thoughtful stance on the spelling of the word “piece” really gave us here at MetalSucks a lot to think about today.

Someone else Erik L. probably thinks is a “fucking peice of shit”: Sacred Reich frontman Phil Rind. The bassist/vocalist posted the following message on the band’s social media yesterday because Sacred Reich, not unlike Rage Against the Machine, have a contingent of inbred, homeschooled “fans” who somehow didn’t realize the band is staunchly liberal:

“I can’t believe how many people still don’t get it. It’s like a lot of you have never read our lyrics or understood them.

“We know that our political system is rotten to the core. No news there. But the dumb, racist assholes who invaded the Capitol did it to support the dumb, racist lying President. No other reason.

“They are not trying to save America, they are destroying it for a reality show TV host who will go down as the worst President in history.

“If you are part of the Trump cult feel free to unfollow. We couldn’t give a fuck.

“If you can’t see the white supremacy that permeates this country I suggest you open your eyes and take a hard look. Read the book ‘White Fragility.’ But if you dont see it, it’s probably because you don’t want to. Maybe you should go listen to ‘One Nation.’”

But the people in the cheap seats still couldn’t hear Rind, so he later added:

“If you can’t see the difference between BLACK LIVES MATTER standing up for unarmed black people being shot by police for decades across this country and armed white nationalist domestic terrorists storming the Capitol to stop an election in support of a dumb, racist, lying President then by all means UNFOLLOW, UNLIKE, DON’T SUPPORT…WHATEVER.

“It doesn’t matter.

“We stand for the truth. We support BLM, because BLACK LIVES MATTER AS MUCH AS WHITE LIVES.

“We support any and all that stand up to fascism no matter where it rears it’s ugly head.

“We support the workers, the unions, the organizers, the activists fighting for working and oppressed people around the globe.

“We stand with the LGBTQ community and all marginalized people who have the right to be and live exactly as they choose.

“We oppose corrupt governments and the politicians who line their pockets at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent.

“Any fucking questions?”

Actually, I only have one question for you, Phil: once we’re all vaccinated, can I give you a hug?


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