Dino Cazares Found a Bullet in His Windshield

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, this sure is terrifying: Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares found a bullet in his windshield yesterday (Thursday, January 21). The Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating the situation.

Although he doesn’t specify, it sounds like Cazares found the bullet sometime after it was fired and was not in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Still, to say it’s “unsettling” to find a bullet in your windshield would be an understatement.

Says Cazares via social media:

“Bullet hole in my windshield today, Los Angles Police Department asked me if I have any enemy’s I said ‘yes’ and named 3 people. Let’s see where this investigation goes. LAPD said it looks like a 45 caliber, it’s a big bullet.”

When fan later asked why the bullet become lodged in the windshield and didn’t go all the way through, Cazares responded…

“The metal bar that’s part of the frame that holds the front dash stopped it from going all the way through.”

…at which point another clever fan managed to point out the only semi-funny aspect of this horrible situation: “Metal saved your life, literally.”

We have no way of knowing which three people Cazares named when the LAPD asked him if he has any enemies… but more than a few admirers will surely note that Cazares has three former bandmates in Fear Factory, and he’s currently not on good terms with any of them: vocalist Burton Seabell, drummer Raymond Herrera, and bassist/conspiracy theorist/Rhodes scholar Christian Olde Wolbers.

Following protracted legal battles between the various members of former members of the band, Cazares acquired 100% ownership of the Fear Factory name last year. Although Cazares made it clear he wanted Seabell to continue to front the band, Seabell has since quit the group and sworn never to return. Cazares, meanwhile, will release the band’s new album later this year, with Seabell’s already-recorded vocals still intact.

I don’t personally know any of these dudes — unless I’m mistaken, Dino is the only one I’ve ever even met, and that was like thirteen years ago when Divine Heresy were doing one of their first tours — so I’m by no means an authority. Still, I’d like to think that none of these guys are crazy enough to threaten a former bandmate’s life over control of a b(r)and name. This isn’t black metal in the early ’90s; no one should have to die for this shit.

You can view the tweets, as well as photos of the bullet and Dino’s windshield, below. We’ll continue to keep you apprised of the situation if/when more details emerge.

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