Here’s the Metallica/Kanye/Jay-Z Mash-up of Your Dreams

  • Axl Rosenberg

Every day here at MetalSucks, we get hundreds of e-mails asking the same exact question: “WHEN OH WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO FINALLY MASH-UP METALLICA’S ‘RIDE THE LIGHTNING’ WITH JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST’S ‘N****S IN PARIS’?!?!”*.

Well, rest easy, dear friends: YouTube’s William Maranci has FINALLY made your dreams come true. You can check out the mash-up below and then go wait to die, because life will never get better than this**.

Assuming you dig it, here are some other fun mash-ups from Maranci:

*MetalSucks has never actually received any such e-mail.
**Please do not sit around waiting to die, life will almost certainly get better than this.

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