Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Turns 50 Years Old


Lamb of God frontman, published author, photographer, activist, actor, surfer and all-around swell fella D. Randall Blythe turned 50 years old yesterday, February 21, the year of our lord 2021.

As a reminder, back in 2016, while promoting his memoir, Dark Days, Randy said this in an interview:

“I will bet you every penny in my bank account that you will not see a 60-year-old Randy hopping around and screaming ‘Walk With Me in Hell.’ Fuck that. That’s not gonna happen.”

Lamb of God fans, take note: you’ve only got ten years left to see Randy perform, otherwise he’ll owe you some serious moolah!

Joking aside, Randy himself posted a letter to fans on his milestone birthday — which he spent surfing in frigid winter waters — via Instagram yesterday, expressing the level of gratitude and inner peace we’ve come to expect from him in recent years:

“’Fifty’ 2.21.2021 Topsail Island, NC.

“Today I turned 50 years old. I have been on this earth for half a century— I’m not really sure what that is ‘supposed’ to look like, or what I am ‘supposed’ to feel like at 50 years old & to tell you the truth, I really don’t care. I am just grateful to be here- I really am.

“Today I woke up beside the ocean. I had coffee. I read a little bit. Then I went surfing (yes, the water was very cold, but the sun was out.) That’s all I really wanted to do— get in the water & surf on the day I turned 50. And so that’s what I did, right beside this pier. The waves weren’t great or anything, but I got to catch a couple of nice long rides, & I was content. If there had been no waves, I would have still paddled out just to be in the ocean, to feel the salt on my skin, & that would have been fine too.

“I don’t need much to be happy— since life can change or even end in a split second, I figure I might as well enjoy what is happening right now, right here in front of me this very instant, the best that I can- today I did pretty good at that. Sometimes I don’t appreciate things enough the way I should, sometimes I let the world throw me off track & I get caught up in my head, but that’s human nature I think, so I just keep trying- it’s all anyone can do. We are all only human, ya know?

“This old man thanks you for all the birthday wishes, & whatever is happening in your life right now during this crazy time the world is going through, I hope you all can find something that makes you as happy as those cold waves made me today- they didn’t cost me a penny, either. ❤️❤️❤️”

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach, who is 42, also chimed in on Instagram with a birthday tribute to his pal, accompanied by a 2012 photo showing the two posing with Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn. He said:

“Two guys I admire and I’m honored to call friend. @robbflynn and @drandallblythe
Today however is the big 50 for the guy on the right!
So in his honor I just wanted to share a quick personal story about him.

It was 2012, I had just returned to @killswitchengage. We were playing our third show with me back on vocals at a festival in Germany. I was nervous and insecure about not only being back on stage in front of a whole lot of people but also feeling the pressure of “replacing” the voice and legacy of my man @howard_jones_music. The challenge of having to sing his songs was fresh (something that people still beat me over the head about all these years later)… but anyway…

“So I was all nerves and fighting insecurity putting my entire soul into this performance. I look to my right and side stage is Randy bobbing his head arms folded watching. I’d never met the guy, I obviously knew who he was so that made me surprised and boosted my confidence a bit.

“We finish the set and as I am walking off stage randy puts his hand on my shoulder, looks at me and says ‘great job man!’ ‘You killed it! It was cool to watch you, welcome back!’ I was honestly stunned between just finishing performing in front of one of the larger crowds I’d ever performed to at the at point and then receiving support and words of encouragement from a fellow musician.

“Later on that day I was getting my dinner in the catering tent and there is Randy inviting me to sit with him. He started singing an Operation Ivy song to me (as I was wearing the bands shirt) and I finished the lyrics back and that was it we became friends and had a great conversation.

“I’ll never forget that simple act of solidarity and friendship. It stays with me to this day.

“Grateful for both of the guys pictured in this photo and I’ve got a similar story about Robb as well but that’s for another post. So yeah HAPPY Born day to my friend and one hell of a human and all around Renaissance man! I admire and I am inspired by all you have become from photographer, author, surfer, monster vocalist and fellow punk rock metal head elder statesman! All hails and big love and respect Ras❤️????????!”

Here’s to another ten years; better make it count, Randy! ????

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