Steven Holt Out of 36 Crazyfists


36 Crazyfists guitarist and co-founder Steven Holt shared a post on his personal social media accounts last Friday, March 19, in which he directed some particularly vitriolic words for one unnamed member of the band. His profile bio also now includes the phrase “X-36CF,” leading fans to conclude he is no longer with the band.

The post, which includes the hashtag #RIP36CF, has been interpreted by many of the band’s fans and Wikimedia reactionists to mean 36 Crazyfists have broken up entirely, but no such announcement has been made.

Holt’s post reads in full:

“I have never in my life given more to a cause or person to get dehumanized and betrayed. Nor has the extent of selfishness even ever crossed my mind. Family is family. This man is a coward, a thief, a fake, and I’m sad I fell under his spell, like many others… #RIP36CF”

Vocalist Brock Lindow said on the March 10 episode of The Jasta Show that the band are roughly halfway done writing their next album. The band’s most recent album, Lanterns, came out in 2017.

Holt and Lindow were the only two original members of the band remaining in their lineup. Bassist Mick Whitney played on all but the band’s first EP in their early years and also missed another EP and full-length album during a hiatus from the band from 2008-2012.

Steven Holt Out of 36 Crazyfists
Steven Holt Out of 36 Crazyfists
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