Jeremy Spencer’s Psychosexual Reboot: Moderately Better or Moderately Worse Than Psychosexual?


Former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer has premiered “Devil From Hell,” the debut single from the rebooted version of the band he launched less than a year ago, Psychosexual.

Earlier this month, Spencer explained his decision to take a mulligan as being specifically tied to this song:

“I’m, like, ‘Fuck, man. I really like this. I wish this would have been the first thing that we dropped.’ So it’s, like, you know what? Nobody even really knows much about the other music, which I do like, but I think this is more appropriate of where we kind of wanna debut; this is what I wanted to be the first thing. So it’s kind of like a reboot — we’re starting over.” 

So is “Devil From Hell” really that much better than the band’s previously-released, now-scrubbed single, “Let the Sin Begin”? Uh… maybe?

Here are the key differences:

  • The music used to sound like early-aughts Marilyn Manson with a smidge of Rob Zombie. The music now sounds like Five Finger Death Punch with a smidge of Rob Zombie.
  • Spencer’s vocals used to sound like ’90s-era David Bowie. Spencer’s vocals now sound like Rob Zombie.
  • The lyrics used to be super-porny. The lyrics are now like “American Capitalist” as re-written by Rob Zombie.
  • Spencer’s employees band used to wear ram masks. Spencer’s employees band now wear Japanese Hannya masks. I suspect because he couldn’t figure out how to make them look more like Rob Zombie.

I think that’s about it, though.

So I’d probably give Psychosexual the slight edge over Psychosexual 2.0, if only because I’ll take a weak recycling of “I’m Afraid of Americans” over a Rob Zombified “Top of the World.”

You can listen to “Devil From Hell” below. “Let the Sin Begin” technically isn’t available right now, so definitely do not do a Google or YouTube search for it in order to compare Psychosexual Original Flavor with Psychosexual Begins. Discuss in the comments section. Psychosexual will have an album out sometime maybe I dunno who cares if it doesn’t get the reaction Spencer wants he can just re-reboot anyway.

[via The PRP]

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