They Fell From the Sky Get Groovy and Catchy on “Dry”


Press copy for They Fell From the Sky leans heavily on the band members’ associations with Hundred Reasons and Bullet For My Valentine for clout. That’s all well and good, but I haven’t heard of the former and I’m not a fan of the latter… and still, I dig the band’s debut single, “Dry,” a whole lot!

They Fell From the Sky bill themselves as a studio project collaboration between Colin Doran (Hundred Reasons) and Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine, Pitchshifter). “Dry” is a radio-ready hard rock ditty at its core, but there’s more than meets the ear for those listening closely, a keen sense of composition and rhythmic interplay between the instruments you ordinarily won’t find in this genre. Most importantly, it’s friggin’ catchy… I had this song up in a browser tab for over a week before I finally decided to give it the ol’ writeup treatment.

Commenting on the track, Doran explains: “It’s about people who are consistently only apologetic when absolutely caught out; But are not actually sorry at all.” Been there, friend.

Give “Dry” a listen below. It appears on the band’s debut album, also called Dry, which is out now; pre-order here.

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