Anthrax Are Planning “Something Big” for Their 40th Anniversary This Summer

  • Axl Rosenberg

2021 marks Anthrax’s 40th anniversary, which is pretty goddamn amazing. I mean, you probably don’t need me to put that amount of time in perspective for you, but let me put it in perspective for you: Anthrax’s current lead guitarist, Jon Donais, just celebrated his 41st birthday a week ago. So yeah making it for forty fucking years is an event worth celebrating.

And celebrate Anthrax shall, according to Charlie Benante! Speaking to eonmusic, the drummer reveals:

“[W]e’re working on something big for June, maybe July, which is going to commemorate our career, and we’re putting that together now. It may be like a livestream type of thing, and it’s going to consist of a lot of songs, and a lot of songs that we’ve probably never played before. We wanted to make something special out of this, but yeah, look out for that announcement. We’re just putting it together, now.”

We will look out for that announcement, Mr. Benante, thank you! We will also hope against hope that the “something big” somehow involves John Bush. I believe he left the band on good terms, ultimately, and we know he’s keen to do a tour celebrating his era with the band. Maybe he’d be willing to pop in for a “Got the Time” duet with Joey Belladonna? Toss in a couple of his best ‘Thrax tunes, like “Only” and “What Doesn’t Die” and maybe “Inside Out”? Please? Pretty please?? Pwetty pwease with a cherry on top???

Read the interview with Benante here. He has a solo album, Silver Linings, coming out on May 14 via Megaforce.

Meanwhile, Anthrax just announced some very cool offerings for this year’s Record Store Day. Learn all about those here.


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