New Psychosexual Video Tells the Tragic Story of a Poor Woman Who Has Lost Most Of Her Clothes

  • Axl Rosenberg

Psychosexual, the new-but-not-really-new-new project from former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, have released a thought-provoking music video for their first single, “Devil From Hell.”

The video goes like this:

Spencer, wearing his ‘Devil Daddy’ get-up, rents a horse and rides to an Old West theme party at some bar.

Arriving at the shindig, Devil Doody realizes that no one could be bothered to deal with all the anachronistic details, like a Dos Equis logo, a “no smoking” sign, a framed full-color page from The Los Angeles Times, a fire extinguisher, and abundant indoor electricity, so Devil Donger gets Devil Displeased and incites a Devil Dispute.

Situated safely behind a wall of CGI fire, Psychosexual watch as the other party goers forfeit the security deposits on their rented costumes while brawling. The bass player’s mask is so heavy he keeps almost tipping over onto either his right side or flat on his face, but otherwise the performance is going well.

But then this poor girl comes in, and she must have been attacked, because most of her clothes have been torn to such a degree that she’s practically naked.

So she breaks a glass and holds it up to Devil Dummy and is all, “Gimme your clothes.” He challenges her to a duel for ownership of the garments; she’s clearly getting cold, so she agrees.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that DeVille’s Daddy is a cheater who has brought a whip to a gun fight. He wins the duel and, as punishment for truly ruining the old west party, makes her ride a horse mostly bare-assed, which really chafes.

What does it all mean? I dunno. I’ve seen clearer plots in a cemetery.

Watch below, then head to the comments section to share interpretations:

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