The Ten Best Metal Songs for Neurotics

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’d ask where my fellow neurotics at, but I feel like they wouldn’t be able to decide whether or not to answer.

In any event, I do have what I often refer to as “the cacophony” in my head — lots of voices all screaming at me to do different things (figuratively — I don’t actually have auditory hallucinations). I’ve been doing a lot of work on quieting the cacophony recently, and while I have a ways to go, I am making some progress. So that’s nice.

As I’ve continued this process of trying to salvage what remains of my mental health, I have turned to metal for comfort, as I so often do.

To that end, here are ten metal songs to which I think my fellow neurotics will be able to relate.

Feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section, natch.

Faith No More, “Falling to Pieces”

Sample Lyric: “Back and forth, I sway with the wind/ Resolution slips away again”

Black Sabbath, “Paranoid”

Sample Lyric: “All day long I think of things/ But nothing seems to satisfy/ Think I’ll lose my mind/ If I don’t find something to pacify”

Meshuggah, “Neurotica”

Sample Lyric: “The carcass of hope lies dead beneath the fabric of dreams/ Facing the truth within the mirror of souls”

Carnivore, “Angry Neurotic Catholics”

Sample Lyric: “Don’t do what you want/ Do what you’re taught is right/ Your life is built on paranoia and guilt/ Don’t forget your Valium tonight”

Black Flag, “Can’t Decide”

Sample Lyric: “I  conceal my feelings so I won’t have to explain/ What I can’t explain anyway/ I can’t decide anything”

Suicidal Tendenices, “War Inside My Head”

Sample Lyric: “War inside my head/ War inside my head/ War inside my head/ War inside my head”

Anthrax, “Madhouse”

Sample Lyric: “It’s a madhouse/ Or so they claim/ It’s a madhouse/ Oh, am I insane?”

Megadeth, “Sweating Bullets”

Sample Lyric: “Feeling paranoid/ True enemy or false friend?/ Anxiety’s attacking me/ And my air is getting thin”

Metallica, “Frantic”

Sample Lyric: “Treading water full of worry/ This frantic tick tick tock of hurry”

Faith No More, “Midlife Crisis”

Sample Lyric: “Morbid self attention/ Bending my pinky back”

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