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Corpsegrinder Says He’s the Best Headbanger There Is


Cannibal Corpse’s new album, Violence Unimagined, has been greeted warmly by fans, delivering precisely the dose of unfiltered, gruesome death metal we so sorely needed. It’s also been quite a boon to the metal press, with money quotes about frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s gargantuan neck and his propensity for claw arcade machines propping us up in recent weeks.

Satan bless Metal Hammer for wringing one last juicy headline out of the Violence Unimagined cycle on a closely related, but heretofore unexplored topic: Corpsegrinder’s legendary headbanging ability.

Speaking about his uncanny ability to windmill on stage for as long as the moment requires, he told the British publication, “I try to be humble, but you have to be the best at something.”

What am I the best at, then, George? Stupid headlines, you say? OK, I’ll take it.

Ol’ Corpsey continued by explaining that the band’s fans often try to keep up with him but inevitably fall short:

“I’ve said onstage, ‘Try to keep up with me. You will fail.’ I’ve seen some kids hold their own. There are some in the front row [saying], ‘I can beat you!’ It’s a fun game and, I wouldn’t say they’re better than me, but there are competent headbangers out there. Headbanging at the start of ‘I Cum Blood’ is my signature part, so there are some great kids out there, but I’d never say anyone beat me.”

In other words: don’t mess with the best. Corpsegrinder will keep at it with his neck-fueled headbanging and we’ll keep delivering the silly content you all crave.

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