Withered: The Gojira Antidote


So far I am really, really digging what I’ve heard of Withered’s new album, Verloren. Its first single, “By Tooth in Tongue,” delivered every bit of the blackened death-sludge we’ve come to expect from them over the years, and their latest, “Casting in Wait,” chunks in with even more. THIS is what you should be listening to right now.

Put another way: you could be listening to the new Gojira, or you could be listening to this. I have ALL the love in the world for Gojira’s catalogue and legacy, I want to be clear about that — one of the very best metal bands of our generation, full stop — but they’re running out of gas in the new music department (live, different story). Withered’s tank is full, even all these years later, and their engine is raring to go.

Stream “Casting in Wait” below. Verloren comes out June 25.

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