Enlarge The new site does not seem to have the full band's blessing.

Scott Rockenfield Launches Cryptic ‘Queensryche 2021’ Website On His Own


Less than a month ago, Queensryche singer Todd La Torre said in an interview that he has no clue what estranged drummer Scott Rockenfield has been up to for the past four years (“I have no idea what he’s doing” were his exact words). Rockenfield went on paternity leave in 2017 and has hardly communicated with his band members or fans since. Kamelot’s Casey Grillo has been filling in behind the kit.

Now there’s a newly-launched website at queensryche2021.com teasing “a brand new world” and “a brand new experience.” And Rockenfield is the only person who’s said anything about it.

Posting on his personal Facebook yesterday, Rockenfield offered the following:

“R ya READY TO F***in’ ROCK !!!?? ….I AM !!!!!!! — bruhahahha…
*Welcome to the New World *
Join the Legion”

Taken on its own, a 2021-themed website for Queensryche wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. But together with Rockenfield’s long absence, La Torre’s recent comments (on top of those before them) and the fact that Rockenfield is the only party to plug this new site… is anyone getting weird vibes here?

Queensryche’s most recent social media update came on Friday, May 7, plugging some new hockey jerseys the band is selling, as well as a few photos from past tours. The band also recently announced an appearance on September 2 at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.

The new site isn’t heavy on info, either; it’s just an email sign-up form with promises of something more in the future.

What the fuck is up in Queensryche camp? Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before the band catches up and plugs the new site, whatever it’s for, but we need some answers here.

Former Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate, who split from the band in 2012, said in a 2019 interview that he believed Rockenfield and the band were embroiled in a lawsuit, then in 2020 he said the drummer has “a lot of medical problems.” There has been no confirmation of either of those assertions.

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