Enlarge The Firewind and ex-Ozzy guitarist has been releasing solo tracks of late.

Gus G. Gets “Fierce,” Lampoons Black Metal in New Video


Guitarist Gus G., best known for his work with Firewind and as Ozzy’s guitarist for a number of years, has released a new solo track, “Fierce.”

The accompanying video finds Mr. G dressed in corpse paint and lampooning black metal, always a worthwhile cause!

Gus comments:

“Boo! Check out the video for my brand new single, ‘Fierce’! Don’t be scared, this is just a love story… I came up with the concept of a lonely rock star who eventually finds true love in the eyes of ‘Necromantissa’ — a girl he previously kept hostage in his dungeon. Music finally unites them and they live happily ever after and even form a metal band. Nightmare or reality?? We had tons of fun shooting this, getting in full makeup.

“I love certain black metal & shock rock aesthetics & wanted to try something different, instead of doing yet another performance video. And I also wanted to make a video with my cats too.

“Many thanks to Panagiotis Kountouras for the excellent directing once again, my immortal beloved & our cats Marquise and Leon.”

Watch below! Gus released another solo track, “Exosphere,” back in April and promised at the time that he had more on the way. No word on whether these two and any more to come will eventually comprise an album.

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