Have FireWing Heard of Firewind?

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s come to my attention that one of today’s new releases is an album called Resurrection by a band called FireWing.

Now, when I first saw ‘FireWing,’ I assumed it was a typo. Surely, they meant ‘Firewind,’ right?

But then I remembered there’s no Firewind album coming out in the near future.

So I double-checked, and, yes… this band is, indeed, called FireWing.

They play power metal, too, almost as if trying to ensure that someone will at some point confuse the two acts.

At least FireWing went out of their way to make sure their album art looked different from anything Firewind have done, though, right?

FIREWIND - Forged By Fire - Amazon.com Music
CD review FIREWING 'Resurrection' – Markus' Heavy Music Blog

The whole thing gets even funnier when you realize that not only are FireWing now gonna hafta live in Firewind’s shadow, but they’re not even the most popular thing called ‘FireWing’ out there: when I Googled that word, the band came up eighth, after multiple entries for a children’s fantasy book and a couple of chicken wing recipes.

Have FireWing Heard of Firewind?

If you’re curious, you can check out the video for FireWing’s latest single, “Time Machine,” featuring Jenn Sakura, below.

Resurrection is out now on Massacre. Buy it here.

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