Enlarge You can also watch them give their most recent single, "Sane," its live debut.

Video: Fozzy Debut New Song “The Vulture Club”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fozzy, who are least in the top, oh, I dunno, let’s say 25 best metal bands ever to take their name from a Muppet, debuted a new song, “The Vulture Club,” during their show this past Wednesday, July 14 at Wildwood in Iowa City, Iowa.

You can watch fan-filmed video below. The audio quality isn’t top notch, obviously, which means that other than Chris Jericho’s vocals and every band’s members fashion choices, the song actually sounds okay (or at least better than most Fozzy songs). Even in such unpolished form, this isn’t the worst thing you’ll hear this week.

The band also gave their most recent single its live debut. It’s called “Sane,” which is pretty funny coming from Trump supporters. Maybe “The Vulture Club” should have been called “Good Singing.”

Fan-filmed video of that is below, too, if you yourself are not sane. You’ve read this far so I assume you’re not.


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