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Agrypnie: Melo-Death-Doom to Soothe the Soul


It’s never too late to learn new tricks, right? Today, on this 18th day of July, the year of our lord 2021, I have fallen in love with Agrypnie, a band who combine melodic death-doom with black metal to intensely emotional, powerful effect. They’ve been around since 2004, and their sound has changed some over the years, but my tastes intersect with theirs right now, right here.

Reductive comparison time: if you’ve enjoyed Harakiri for the Sky’s recent work, or the best of bands like Agalloch, Insomnium and Swallow the Sun, this is gonna be right up your alley.

Have a listen to the band’s latest single, “Wir Ertrunkenen” (“We Drowned”),” below and see what you think.

Agrypnie’s sixth full-length album, Metamorphosis — like I said, I’m late to the party — arrives on July 30 via AOP Records; pre-order here.

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