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Stu Block Returns to Into Eternity After Quitting Iced Earth


Vocalist Stu Block left Into Eternity in 2013 for the seemingly greener pastures of Iced Earth. Earlier this year, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer ended up in jail after storming the U.S. Capitol and is currently out on bail awaiting trial. Block quit Iced Earth a few weeks after the incident, condemning Schaffer’s actions following his initial displays of support for the protests at the Capitol. Block’s politics on the subject remain a bit of a question mark to this day; at one point he was banning fans who even asked.

But politics be damned, and as Dave Mustaine has proven over the years, you can eventually make people forget about absolutely awful shit you said by staying completely quiet for long enough. As such, Into Eternity fans have been wondering if Block would find his way back to that band, and yesterday they got an answer.

Posting to his personal Facebook, Block announced that he’ll be joining Into Eternity at a festival in late July and will be recording with the band “in the coming months.” All of that will take place together with the band’s current vocalist, Amanda Kiernan, who replaced Block in 2013. Into Eternity confirmed the news with some social posts of their own showing Block and the other band members together.

Block explained of the reunion:

“I’m sure most of you have been speculating if I will be performing and recording again with Into Eternity. Well I’m very pleased to announce that I will be performing with Into Eternity and sharing vocal duties with the absolutely amazing Amanda Kernin [sic] at Loud As Hell Fest on July 31st. I am super excited to play with Tim, Amanda, Matt,Troy and Bryan! Such a talented group of amazing lovely humans! ???? oh and!!! We will also be recording some new music together in the coming months! See you there!! #deathprogsquad #IntoEternity”

As a fan of Into Eternity — and of Block’s time with the group — I’d call this fantastic news. But I’d really love to know more about Block’s politics, and his further thoughts on the Jon Schaffer situation, before I go supporting any of his projects again. Stu, we demand answers: explain yourself. I’m not one of those “separate the art from the artist” guys, and I venture neither are a lot of your fans.

Ball’s in your court, Stu.

[via Metal Insider]

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