Wino Pays Tribute to Eric Wagner, Says His Conspiracy Beliefs are “Rooted in Science” Being “Suppressed and Censored”


Following last week’s revelation that The Obsessed frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich” is a Covid-19 conspiracy theorist, claiming the virus is a “depopulation tool” created by the government — on the same day his recent tourmate and friend, Eric Wagner (The Skull, ex-Trouble), himself opposed to getting vaccinated, died of Covid-19 he contracted while on the road — Wino has now issued a new statement mourning the loss of his friend… while effectively doubling down on those same conspiracy theories.

Wino, who previously said “I have dug very deep when researching covid-19 not just on youtube” — he also believes the 2020 U.S. presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and that “weather modification” perpetrated by the government is responsible for powerful storms — issued a new statement on social media on Sunday, August 29. After paying tribute to Wagner, he takes a shot at “the small minded comments that jealous haters propagate,” presumably a reaction to those who called out the extreme hypocrisy on display with regards to his stance on Covid-19, before adding that “My beliefs are rooted in science, much of which is being suppressed and censored before it can reach the people.”

But, don’t worry, everyone: he continues, “In the end, I believe love and music will ultimately be the healing elements for us all.” All 100,000+ of the people currently hospitalized with Covid-19 in the U.S. alone simply need some Pink Floyd piped in through the hospital PA to cure them of their illness! Or, better yet, The Obsessed!

Here’s Wino’s statement in full:

“I had known Eric Wagner for over 30 years, and although we lived in different cities, we often crossed paths professionally. Trouble was the headlining act at the Loeb Center NY show where The Obsessed showcased for Columbia records, ultimately resulting in a record deal. We did a holiday package with Trouble, Crowbar, and others in the Lunar Womb days, we joined forces in Probot, and most recently, we embarked on a small US tour with his band The Skull. I am saddened greatly by his death.
RIP Eric.

“I would love to leave it with the above statement about a lost friend, but I feel I must address what some have suggested – that the timing of my previous “statement” was insensitive or awkward. Let me make something absolutely clear, I am not indifferent over Eric’s death, and any insinuations otherwise are beyond reproach. This was a unique voice and mind, and his musical influence on myself was profound. I don’t read the small minded comments that jealous haters propagate, we all know when the shit comes down, they will be the first to run. It blows my mind to realize that so many people in a genre I would have previously described as forward thinking and cool, get their feathers all ruffled when ideas come down the pike that are ‘out of the mainstream’ way of thinking. But hey, if we are free at all, then that means we are free to disagree! Have your opinion, and I will have mine. Think for yourself. I am always up for a civilized discourse or healthy debate. My beliefs are rooted in science, much of which is being suppressed and censored before it can reach the people. In the end, I believe love and music will ultimately be the healing elements for us all. Politics is all theatre, its BS, and the current medical politics are designed to subjugate and divide. The power we will have will come from being united for the common cause of truth and freedom.

8-29-2021 YOTP”

Wino had been scheduled to perform a solo set at Psycho Las Vegas earlier this month before dropping off due to the festival’s mask restrictions.

Wino’s was deported from Norway in 2014 for possessing 11 grams of methamphetamine while on tour. He also has two prior domestic violence cases filed against him in the Maryland court system.

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