Enlarge He'd been kicked out of the venue and wanted revenge on the security guard.

A Disgruntled Fan Drove His Car Into a Bar During a P.O.D. Show


I got kicked out of a bar once. I was being an asshole, got called out on it by security, and accepted my fate. It was a bummer, but life went on.

One P.O.D. fan in Birmingham, AL earlier this week who had a scuffle with security was not nearly as graceful. We aren’t quite sure exactly what happened — we know there was some kind of disagreement that resulted in his ejection from the venue, and a gun may have been brandished, although it’s not fully clear by who — but after being led out the door, the angry fan came back… with his car, and drove it right through the damn front window in an attempt to exact revenge on the security guard who booted him.

According to the Birmingham Police Department, the suspect allegedly drove his car into the Zydeco Bar shortly before 10:30pm on Tuesday night, September 21. He fled the scene, but was quickly apprehended by police. As best we can tell one security guard inside the bar sustained minor injuries while the driver of the car got it worse and was taken to the hospital. There were no other injuries reported.

Matt Brandyberry of From Ashes to New, who are on tour with P.O.D., posted a video on social media shortly after the incident explaining what happened and showing footage of the scene. That video is embedded at the bottom of this post, and here’s a transcription:

“Here’s what I’m told happened. I was on the bus and we got a text from our guitar tech saying someone just got ran over. We joke around all the time so I’m like, ‘What does that mean? Just got ran over? What is he talking about?’ We asked and he said, ‘No, for real, someone just got ran over.’

“Apparently, what happened was this dude got kicked out of our show tonight. And I guess he got mad at the security guard for doing that. I guess they got into a fight and, from what I’m hearing, someone pulled a gun — security pulled a gun or something like that — and they got into a fight. And then this dude left. I guess everything was cool then and everything was chill. I guess what ended up happening was after he left, he came back with his car and he tried to run the security guard over.

“And you’re getting ready to see what that is [flips camera]. This dude ran his fucking car into the bar, into the club. I have never in my life, in the middle of… his car is everywhere, all over the ground, all over the place. I guess he must’ve hit the security guard, but the security guard seems fine; he’s bleeding, but he seems like he’s fine. But the dude who’s driving the car is mangled. The dude is, like, all messed up.

“This is wild, never in my life have I seen… Birmingham, Alabama goes off. “

Several other show attendees posted photos of the incident on social media. You can have a look at those below.

Be kind to one another out there, people. It ain’t worth it.

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