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Track Premiere: Glassing, “Among the Stars”


Glassing sure aren’t afraid to push boundaries, are they? If there’s anything we’ve learned from this band from following them over the last several years, it’s to expect the unexpected.

So it goes with their latest single, “Among the Stars,” which MetalSucks is pleased to premiere today. Post-metal, black metal and shoegaze are the cornerstones here, but the song finds the band experimenting with deeply downtuned guitars — drop G — and chugging on a riff that’d be equally as at home on a Gojira or Machine Head album as it is here amongst the reverberating arpeggiated chords and tremolo picking. Somehow all of those elements work together for an incredible dynamic song that gets in and out in just over three minutes, the perfect length for today’s internet attention spans.

The band explains:

“A homage to serenity. This track was the first time we’d used a drop G tuning, we wanted a wide open feel behind it to convey the vast and weightless sensation of a meditative or drug induced state but with heavier connotations to fit our style. We chose to give the intro a tight black metal feel to add tension up until the halftime section. In the latter half of the song, Cory decided to cut his distortion and play the arpeggios in a cleaner tone adding a floaty sheen to everything. The full title of this song was originally ‘Among The Stars, Where Everything Is Still’ but we needed a name for the instrumental section that followed so we decided to split the name up between the two songs as one comes directly after the other.

Listen to “Among the Stars” below. Twin Dream comes out on November 5 via Brutal Panda; pre-order here. You can check out the previous single “Burden” as well.

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