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Glassing Unload Their Weighty “Burden” with Latest Song


Glassing offer quite the maelstrom of metal: the band’s sound incorporates elements of post rock, noise, shoegaze, doom, black metal and all manner of other influences from metal’s darkened underbelly. If any of that sounds appealing, we highly recommend you give the band’s latest single, “Burden,” a spin. When you hear the song’s opening section and glance at its seven-minute runtime, you think you’re in for one thing — which would be fine — but the track takes all sorts of emotional twists and bends throughout, a true adventure.

Vocalist/bassist Dustin Coffman explains of the track:

“This song began when Cory sent Jason and myself a collection of riffs and song ideas during quarantine to work with for when we got back into the studio after finishing up with ‘Spotted Horse.’ Some of them were left as rough ideas but the opening riff of this song in particular stuck out to us as being staggeringly cool in its simplicity. Around this time I was going through some personal changes with people very close to me and the lyrics of this song began strictly as an artistic outlet during a rough period. It was only later, when the poems became lyrics, did I realize my words were all one big projection of my own insecurities at the time. The product of emotional dishonesty, the line ‘Is your heart not in this’ was a message to myself and another hopeless way of making amends. This is the reason I chose to speak the words rather than scream them at the very end of the song, they needed to be crystal clear so the message to myself could be heard.”

Give “Burden” a spin below. Glassing’s new album, Twin Dream, comes out on November 5 via Brutal Panda; pre-order here.

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