Enlarge Hanneman faked his own death and has been posing as Tortilla Man from Slipknot until it the time of The Great Awakening.

QAnon: Jeff Hanneman To Appear at Knotfest Los Angeles

  • Axl Rosenberg

According to the top-secret Deep State inside man known to the world only as ‘Q,’ Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman will appear at Knotfest Los Angeles tonight, Friday, November 5, to unveil President Donald Trump’s new National Anthem.

Writing on the social network Prowd, Q says:

“The breadcrumbs are all in the lyrics to [the new Slipknot song] ‘Chapeltown Rag.’

‘Runnin’ out of daylight, nighttime’s better, but we know how to handle the truth.’

“When the band debuts this song tonight, Tortilla Man will tear off his mask and reveal himself to be Jeff Hanneman, who will then perform our new National Anthem, thus beginning The Great Awakening.”

“The Great Awakening” refers to the point at which the public ‘wakes up’ and realizes Q has been right all along. It’s basically the thing Neo promises to make happen at the end of the first Matrix movie.

Hanneman supposedly died on May 2, 2013 as a result of alcohol-related cirrhosis, although that now appears to have been a clever ruse.

Tortilla Man was previously rumored to be Michael Pfaff, who plays keyboards in Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s side project, Dirty Little Rabbits.

Earlier this week, QAnon followers gathered at the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas, where they’d been promised that JFK Jr. would be announcing big news despite having died in 1999. The younger Kennedy has since been revealed to be Keith Richards.

Slipknot will livestream their entire headlining set from Knotfest L.A. tonight, as well as “select appearances” from other acts on the bill, including Killswitch Engage, Code Orange, Fever 333, Cherry Bombs (featuring Corey Taylor’s wife, Alicia Dove), and Vended (featuring the sons of Corey Taylor and Shawn “Clown” Crahan). Tickets for the livestream are available here for a base price of $15, which is a real metsieh given the tremendous circumstances.

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