Midnight Announce New Album, Stream First Single


Midnight’s new song is called “Szex Witchery.” I was wondering if “szex” really meant “sex” in another language or was a made-up word, so I Googled it. A bunch of Hungarian pornography came up. So I guess it’s a real word.

ANYWAY, “Szex Witchery” is the first single from Midnight’s newly-announced fifth full-length, Let There Be Witchery. If you’ve heard Midnight, you know what to expect; if you’ve never heard Midnight and you can’t tell what kinda music they make based on the promo photo up top, okay, I’ll clue you in: it’s Venom-esque not-quite-black metal. If leather jackets, bullet belts, black hoods, flaming swords, and exposed bellybuttons in the middle of the woods don’t do it for you, skip this.

Everyone else: I think this is pretty dang great. I particularly like the last minute or so, which is based around a fairly slow, totally ominous-sounding riff. Good stuff!

Says Midnight’s sole member, Athenar, of the new offering:

“If I were to give actual good advice, I would say stay clear of anything to do with Midnight. But I’m not a rational thinker, so as usual, I will give terrible advice and say punish your earholes and play this album as loud as your stereo goes, go out to a gig and mingle with others that you don’t know, lick their faces and rub upon each other’s sweaty torsos to the hellish, neanderthalish noise of a band called Midnight! You gotta release your demons somehow! That’s why you should give a shit, or two.”

“Szex Witchery” is available for your listening pleasure below. Let There Be All Kinds of Witchery, Szexual or Otherwise comes out March 4 on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here.

Midnight Announce New Album, Stream First Single
Album artwork by: William Lacey
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