Enlarge He recorded some vocals for Annihilator in the studio recently as well.

Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex-Iced Earth) Will Perform Live with Annihilator


On-again-off-again Into Eternity vocalist Stu Block (also formerly of Iced Earth) will step into a new role as the live vocalist for Annihilator, according to the band’s leader, guitarist and singer of the past seven years, Jeff Waters. Block lent his vocals to a recent studio effort by the band.

Speaking to Blabbermouth, Waters said that his recent bout with Covid-19 led to him bringing another vocalist into the fold:

“… actually, what I’ve done, again, with this big sort of life-changing thing in my little world, when I talked to Stu Block and Dave Lombardo about doing this — it’s not a new record [‘Metal II, a re-worked version of Annihilator’s 2007 album ‘Metal’], but I consider it ‘re-envisioning.’ It’s not meant to be some competitive thing. The drummer on the original, Mike Mangini, is probably one of the best drummers in the world. Dave Padden, our singer and guitar player, was great. It wasn’t about that. It was ‘Let’s release a second version.’ Not stomp on the past. It was something fun to do to create attention for the label [earMusic] that they are releasing the catalog. It’s working so far. People are like, ‘Wow! A new album.’ I’m like, ‘Well, sort of.’ So I decided I’m not singing anymore. I’m a guitar player. I took over singing on my fourth record, ‘King Of The Kill’.”

Waters then went on to say that Block’s involvement would extend beyond Metal II and into the live sphere:

“Bingo. I asked him if he would do the reunion thing — because it’s been 31 or 32 years or something for our first three Roadrunner albums. To North America, those are the only ones anyone has ever heard, especially the first two. We actually have another 14 albums.”

As noted above, Block recorded vocals for Metal II, the re-worked version of the band’s 2007 album Metal. “Metal II” also features former Slayer and current Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo.

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