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Stu Block Rejoined Into Eternity. Wait… Didn’t He Do That Already?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Singer Stu Block has announced his return to Into Eternity. And if you’re feeling like you’re experiencing déjà vu all over again, that’s because he actually announced his return to the band a couple of weeks ago.

In fairness, this latest announcement is to herald Block’s permanent return to Into Eternity, whereas the first announcement was technically just for a live performance at Loud as Hell on July 31.

In unfairness, nobody read that first announcement and thought Block wasn’t rejoining Into Eternity permanently.

For one thing, Block exclusively sings for bands with the initials “I.E.,” and now that he’s out of Iced Earth, his options are limited.

More importantly, in that initial announcement, Block revealed that he’d soon be recording new music with Into Eternity, and bands don’t usually record new music with former singers who aren’t rejoining them on a longer-term basis. Obviously there are exceptions, but they’re rare and almost always involve Exodus.

In any case, if there was any doubt that Block was is back in Into Eternity full-time now, let that doubt be washed away by the singer’s statement:

“What an amazing time with @into_eternity_official at the @loudashellfestival !! I had such a killer time with my brothers Matt, Tim, Troy and Bryan and sister from another mister Amanda!! Soooooo I’m sure you are all speculating if I will be coming back to Into Eternity permanently and the answer is…………YES!!! I will be coming back sharing lead vocal duties with the amazing Amanda Kiernan! The insane talent that is in this band needs to be showcased to the world again through new recordings and some touring. We will be working hard on new music and refining the live show to perfection for you to enjoy. We have LOTS of exciting things coming within the next few months! We can’t wait!!!”

I’m glad they’re not ditching Amanda Kiernan just because they’re getting Block back. That would be lame. Especially since Block may be a jerk who thinks violent insurrections intended to overthrow peaceful, legal elections are a good, or at least not-horrible, idea.

I mean, we don’t know that he’s that kinda jerk, but we don’t know that he’s not not that kinda jerk. He won’t just come right out and say “I’m not that kinda jerk,” which seems like it would be a pretty simple way to clear this all up. Also taking two weeks to quit Iced Earth after Jon Schaffer demonstrated the common sense of a toddler is ridiculous. The Capitol attack happened just before 3 p.m. Schaffer was identified by fans just hours later, and was wanted by authorities the next day. So, like, January 8, at latest, would have been the time to bow out.

Also, as the last three paragraphs make clear, Block’s very presence in Into Eternity is now a distraction. It would be nice to just be able to enjoy new Into Eternity music and not wonder if I should feel shitty about enjoying new Into Eternity music.

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