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Sebastian Bach Calls Out Disturbed’s David Draiman Over Spotify/Neil Young Dispute: “Imagine Calling Yourself a Rocker Yet Siding With Some Dude Who Has a Podcast”


For those of you who don’t know or drink semi-professionally, singer-songwriter Neil Young demanded Spotify remove his music so he didn’t have to share a platform with podcaster Joe Rogan, whose show peddles a lot of harebrained bullshit about COVID vaccines. Spotify, who just paid Rogan an assload of money to lock down his very popular show, obviously removed Young’s music, a choice that was later commended by Disturbed frontman David Draiman, who cited free speech as the reason Spotify did the right thing. Now, former Skid Row frontman and outspoken tweeter Sebastian Bach has weighed in, arguing that Draiman is basically a poser for siding with Spotify.

Draiman had initially tweeted at Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, saying, “@eldsjal I applaud you and @Spotify for making the RIGHT call, preserving #FreeSpeech and not capitulating to the mob. I may not agree with everything @joerogan or his guests say, but they’re entitled to have the forum to say it.”

Draiman later clarified his comment, tweeting, “Let me be clear. I do not support ANY artist blackmailing any entity to follow an agenda THEY believe in, wether it’s @Neilyoung one one side of the spectrum or @EricClapton on the other. Music shouldn’t be used to sow division. It should be used to bring people together IMHO”

In response, Bach tweeted, “Imagine calling yourself a rocker yet siding with some dude who has a podcast over @Neilyoung You can stick to listening to your podcast and I will stick to listening to Neil Young.”

Draiman wrote back, “I still love and will listen to @Neilyoung too brother, the same way I still love and will listen to you. Always continue to respect and admire the both of you brother. The only ‘side’ I’m on is the side of freedom, and you’re free to have your opinion, of course.”

In conclusion, if you were hoping for a Disturbed/Skid Row reunion tour bill, you’re shit out of luck. At least at the Skid Row show, there’ll be fewer Rogan Bros (and there’ll be less of a chance of getting that Omicron).

[Via Blabbermouth]

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