Foo Fighters and Coors Light Release Studio 666 Beer That’ll Taste Like (Holy) Water


I’ll fuck with a Miller Lite, and I’ll even drink a Bud Light if I’m at a ball game and feeling sluggish, but Coors Light is without a doubt the wackest of the light beers. Thin, flavorless, and seemingly made for high schoolers who’ll wince no matter what, it’s a shame in a can, especially when Coors Banquet is so crushable. But now, it looks like the wateriest of all beers have teamed up with Foo Fighters under the guise of fighting fictional demons while steadily feeding your real ones.

As reported by Loudwire, Coors Light — which is apparently Dave Grohl’s favorite beer, which makes sense because you can drink one in about 20 seconds between songs — have released ‘Coors Almighty Light,’ a “blessed water” that’ll help fend off satanic metal demons or whatever the fuck.

According to Coors’ website:

“Coors Almighty Light is the first spiritually-enhanced beer developed specifically to ward off demons while viewing the Foo Fighters’ dangerous new film Studio 666. Made with real sacred water that has been blessed, this drinkable demon deterrent will shield your soul with every sip.”

We’ll take Trve Brewing and 3 Floyds, thanks! They feed the wolf in us that’s overweight and prays for its demise with every breath.

You can also enter for a chance to win this beer via the brand’s website, as well as purchase tickets to Studio 666. But as someone who loved the movie, take it from me — you’re better off with a stuff double of rye and a Saucony Creek Diesel Breath.

Foo Fighters and Coors Light Release Studio 666 Beer That’ll Taste Like (Holy) Water
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