High On Fire’s Matt Pike: “Flat Earth Is Just Ridiculous…I Don’t Buy Into That One”


We love High on Fire frontman and Sleep guitarist Matt Pike, though we’ll be quick to poke fun at his love of conspiracy theories like reptilians and Bigfoot. But now, Matt has done a ranking of his favorite conspiracies and cryptids, and has revealed that there’s one outlandish theory that not even he can get behind.

In a new video from Loudwire, Matt discusses various cryptids and conspiracies, including aliens, the moon landing, and even Slender Man (is that even a conspiracy? That’s just some shit kids made up on the Internet, right?). His favorite, of course, is Bigfoot, which one would know if they looked at Matt or heard his vocals.

Via the video:

“I believe that Bigfoot could very possibly exist and probably does, and if not, I’m all wrong about my feelings. The whole world is about our feelings now and how do you think Sasquatch feels if you don’t believe in him?”

That’s…actually really cute. We’re suddenly surprisingly tender about old Sassy now (after all, he’s got shiny diamonds and he wants to protect…ME).

And the worst conspiracy theory? Sorry, Stephen Carpenter, but it’s flat earth:

“I’m sorry…Some people have tried to prove this to me, but flat Earth is just ridiculous. I can fathom it in my mind in an airplane, you know what I mean? I’ve studied it to be like, ‘Are you sure that these people aren’t on to something?” I can’t believe the flat Earth thing, and if it is [true], fuck my life.”

“I’m not dissing on you… If you believe that, that’s what you believe. You have that right. If the science makes sense to you, cool. I can’t believe that one, I don’t buy into that one.”

So there you have it: if you think that the centuries of humanity’s scientific research which led us to the idea of a globular earth are false because you don’t vibe with them, Matt Pike thinks you’re very silly.

Check out the whole video below.

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