Zeal & Ardor Drop New Video for “Death to the Holy”

  • Phil Boozeman

It’s always a good day when Zeal & Ardor drop a new music video. It’s also a good day when a music video is well-made, and pretty good when the song itself doesn’t suck. As you might have guessed already, today is a fantastic day, because Zeal & Ardor’s new music video for “Death to the Holy” checks all three of those boxes.

“Death to the Holy” comes off of Zeal & Ardor’s self-titled album that dropped barely a month ago. The video itself was directed by Jen Ries and tells the story of an astronaut who makes a discovery in space that changes the world and more or less puts an end to religion (as if organized religion needed any help doing that beyond its own actions).

Personally, I think a direct message from aliens shutting down the existence of God would be wonderful, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that. But those religious types are slippery, and I’m sure they’d find some way to work the aliens into angel hierarchy regardless of what happened. I mean, have you ever seen what a Biblical angel is supposed to look like? They are absolutely NOT just dudes with shitty robes, halos and wings. Fucking wild, I tell ya. Everyone who wrote the Bible was smoking some of Moses’ burning bush. Hard to believe they always left that stuff out in Sunday School, isn’t it. I mean, what kind of Christians would cherry pick sections from The Bible?

You can catch Zeal & Ardor on their upcoming tour with Meshuggah in Europe. Check the dates and the video for “Death to the Holy” below.

2022/05/13 – LYON, FRANCE
2022/05/14 – NANCY, FRANCE
2022/05/18 – TILBURG, HOLLAND
2022/05/20 – VIENNA, AUSTRIA
2022/05/23 – BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
2022/05/24 – LILLE, FRANCE
2022/05/29 – BRISTOL, ENGLAND
2022/05/30 – GLASGOW, SCOTLAND
2022/06/01 – DUBLIN, IRELAND
2022/06/03 – LONDON, ENGLAND
2022/06/05 – PARIS, L’OLYMPIA

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