Distention (The Kennedy Veil, Organ Trail) Drop Despair-Inducing Debut Single “Cyclical”

  • Phil Boozeman

You could be forgiven for not having heard of Distention before. Why, you might ask? Well, that’s because the band has officially been around for one week. So why then, should you care? You should care because 1) this shit rips, and 2) Distention features Darren Liwen (ex-The Kennedy Veil), Nick Padovani (Equipoise), Dylan Potts (Organ Trail, ex-Rivers of Nihil) and newcomer Christian Mokin, the mastermind behind the songwriting. And today, they’re here to bless us with their debut single “Cyclical.”

Got your attention now? Good. If you’ve ever listened to any of those bands before, (or if you’re a fan Decapitated, Job For A Cowboy, Soreption or Defeated Sanity) then you’ll feel as at home as you possibly can in a death metal song. Crushing riffs? Check. Spotless drum work? Check. Incredibly depressing lyrical content? Check, and vocalist Darren Liwen attested to that:

“The song is about my diagnosis with bipolar disorder and how I have been unaware of the damage I cause to my life by leaving it unchecked, and because of that, I feel that time is closing around me and I’m running out of time to fix my problems.”

So yes, I’d like to formally invite you on the Distention hype train. Benefits of purchasing your tickets now include being able to say, I listened to Distention before they got popular, without it being a lie. You can also getting to say, I listened to Distention before they were on vinyl without it being a lie. And oh, I don’t know, tell people it lowered your cholesterol too? I don’t know.

But the most important reason you should listen to Distention (other than a bunch of reasons I made up) is that “Cyclical” is fucking good. Although a formal full-length hasn’t been announced quite yet, I’ve heard a few demos and believe me, this is only scratching the surface.

You want these guys on your radar in 2022. It’s a great appetizer before a big-ass meal and I couldn’t be more excited to eat.

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