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Decapitated Announce New Album for May, Drop Brutal First Track


It’s been a crazy month for Polish death metallers Decapitated, what with members of the band distributing supplies to stranded Ukrainians at the border. But now, the band have good news: they’re releasing a new album this May!

Decapitated’s new record will be called Cancer Culture, and will…ugh, really? Cancer Culture? I mean, it’s not the worst pun in the world, but as someone who thinks that “cancel culture” is a strawman concept for people getting called on their bullshit, this just feels like a really wack offering to the wackest types of people.

Anyway, the album comes out May 27th on Nuclear Blast, and is available for preorder. The band have posted the cover art to their Instagram, which you can see below, and daaaamn is it creepy.

Here’s what the band said in the post:

“Finally, after so many months of waiting, we got it. Our brand-new album ‘Cancer Culture’ will be out May 27th, and a new single is on!

“The expectations were high, and we also gave ourselves a massive challenge with this album.

“We had an opportunity to gather amazing people who took care of the production and helped us deliver the best we could with this album.

“Don’t misinterpret the title meaning. It has a much broader context. You will be surprised at what we have delivered this time.”

Man, so, THAT’s even sillier than the title itself! Not that there’s a new Decapitated album coming, which is great! But if you name your album Cancer Culture in an environment where “cancel culture” is this popular buzzword, don’t then act like you’re doing something beyond people’s simple understanding. You wanted it to sound like a zeitgeisty phrase. Just own it.

Meanwhile, the band have dropped the title track from the album, and it’s a solid mid-paced death metal track. Pendulous riffs, tireless drums, powerful screams — everything we love about the band.

Check out the track and album cover below.

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