Dream Theater’s James LaBrie Responds to Lip-Syncing Accusations Mid-Show: “F*** You…What Is Wrong With People Online?”


Apparently, there are people concerned with Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie possibly lip-syncing during certain live performances. These people have taken to the Dream Theater subreddit, which we assume is the only haven for people whose day involves worrying about this topic, to complain about it. Well, now they’ve gotten through to James, who took a moment mid-show to respond to the accusations.

As you’ll see in the video below via Ultimate Guitar, LaBrie took center stage to respond to the accusations last Friday at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m gonna fucking clarify something for you now, okay? People who have been saying I’m fucking lip-syncing? Fuck. You. I’ve never lip-synced in my entire life.

“That section there? I’m singing a little [unintelligible] ‘Ooh, fucking God forbid!’ And then I come in with the last line, back into the [unintelligible]…

“Like, fucking what is wrong with people online? I’m sorry, fucking come and show me what I’m doing wrong. I guess I’m losing my mind, because I’m almost at the end of the leg, and I’m seeing this shit…”

Real talk? I couldn’t name a Dream Theater song if you put a fucking gun to my head, so I’m probably the last person who should be commenting about this issue. That said, I’d counter with: who the fuck cares? You could be Corpsegrinder, Neil Fallon, or that twinkly-eyed con artist Tommy Vext for all I care — if I found out you were lip-syncing, I’d probably shrug it off and go get a beer. That said, I know Dream Theater fans are the type to talk about “virtuosity” or comment on bands who “can play their instruments,” so what does my husky ass know, anyway?

Watch the video below if you’ve got more time than taste:

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