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Testament’s Alex Skolnick Calls Out Will Smith’s “Ugly Meltdown” at The Oscars


In case you missed it, last night the Oscars got fucking wild. Comedian Chris Rock made a casual joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, or lack thereof due to alopecia, saying, she was “ready for G.I. Jane 2” (referencing the 1997 film where Demi Moore plays a female military recruit with a shaved head). In response, Jada’s husband and soon-to-be-Best Actor-winner Will Smith got on stage and slapped him in the face, before shouting, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” Now, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has taken to his Twitter claiming Smith was in the wrong for his outburst.

Skolnick tweeted the following about Smith:

“I missed #Oscars2022 & a whole lot apparently. Quick thought: Wasn’t he the ‘nice’ rapper? Meanwhile ‘scary’ rappers have great senses of humor, ie IceT & Snoop (his IG is LOL FUNNY). C’mon #WillSmith. You don’t have to like #ChrisRock ‘s joke but an ugly meltdown? Violence? Wtf?

“#WillSmith’s overreaction at the #Oscars stole the spotlight from @questlove, #SummerOfSoul & even #KingRichard (for which he won!) There are better ways to express displeasure. Just when it finally gets past #OscarsSoWhite, he turns it into #OscarsYoFight #willsmithchrisrock

As we said before while writing up the brilliant addition of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Wicked Wisdom to video of the slap, we’re of two minds about the slap here at MetalSucks. On the one hand, we’re bone-deep jokers who think that everything and anything is open for mockery and parody (in fact, often the things and people we love the most are those we make fun of the most). Obviously, one is not immune to a response to that mockery or parody, and some stuff is so horrible that even we won’t make fun of it, but we certainly didn’t think Chris Rock’s joke was that bad.

Now, that SAID — if one of our loved ones was going through a medical issue, and we’d watched them deal with the stigma and exhaustion of that ordeal day after day, and then some asshole got up onstage in front of the entire world and cracked a joke about it? Hell yeah, we’d slap a motherfucker. Given the context, we have to give Smith a nod of respect for standing up for the woman he loves.

Anyway, check out Skolnick’s tweets below:

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