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Devil Master Are None More Pink on “The Vigour of Evil”


You gotta love Philadelphia-based sleaze metallers Devil Master. The band merge black thrash with snotty Japanese punk, bathe everything in pink light, and won’t perform unless their mic stands are all dripping with fake cobwebs. Now, the bubblegum-flavored hate brigade have dropped a new single via a pretty rad performance video.

The track, “The Vigour of Evil,” comes from the band’s upcoming album Ecstasies of Never Ending Night, which is due out April 29th via Relapse Records, and is available for preorder. The song itself is fast and wheedly, and captures the band’s dedication to both sonic evil and rip-roaring fun. Not only that, but the lo-fi performances in pink light while clad in all these capes and shit really remind one of classic ’80s metal. Few bands feel as genuine as this.

Says guitarist Darkest Prince of the album:

“It’s the perfect evolution of our sound. It’s Japanese metal-punk d-beat meets black metal. There’s plenty of GISM and Mobs in there, but also Celtic Frost and Gorgoroth.

“This album is more mature and self-confident. It’s moving past childish Satanism towards a more mature dark spirituality. This one is not relying on stereotypical tropes. It’s a real magickal experience. 

“This and the last album are mirrored opposites, right down to the titles. There’s even an instrumental in the middle of the album, like last time. I believe in balance, so there’s a spiritual aspect to it. And it just feels good.” 

Check out “The Vigour of Evil” below, and then scroll down for the album details. And make sure to catch the band when they open for My Chemical Romance this year, if only for the pleasure of leaving before MCR.

Devil Master’s Ecstasies of Never Ending Night:

  1. Ecstasies…
  2. Enamoured in the Throes of Death
  3. Golgotha’s Cruel Song
  4. The Vigour of Evil
  5. Acid Black Mass
  6. Abyss In Vision
  7. Shrines in Cinder
  8. Funerary Hyre of Dreams & Madness
  9. Precious Blood of Christ Rebuked
  10. Never Ending Night
Devil Master Are None More Pink on “The Vigour of Evil”
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