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Video Premiere: Misfire’s “War of Mine” Makes You Want to Skull Coldies, Kick Sh*t Over


Look, thrash is cool when it’s interesting and thoughtful, but it’s even better the way Misfire play it. The Chicago-based three-piece create that kind of axe-blade riff savagery that makes you not give a shit if your neighbors are watching as you mosh around your living room with a bomber of High Life. Their debut album, Sympathy for the Ignorant, definitely lives up to its name, yanking the listener out of their mental rat race and sending them to the depths of their reptile brain via a swift kick in the ass.

Says drummer James Nicademus:

“Whatever happens, we’re going to be here for a long time because we can’t live without doing this shit. All we want is to make records, tour, and have a good time doing it.

“It feels amazing to finally have this record out and to be able to share it with the world. We are really proud of this one and we can’t wait to play these songs live!”

Video Premiere: Misfire’s “War of Mine” Makes You Want to Skull Coldies, Kick Sh*t Over

The band’s new video for “War Is Mine” locks down this vibe with perfect simplicity. Sure, it’s a performance footage video — but it’s a performance footage video set in the middle of a ring of motorcycles at night. That might feel like a minor touch, but it actually manages to serve the viewer this band’s unique vibe with the utmost tastiness by showcasing exactly the kind of gig you’d expect them to play. You don’t want to see Misfire in a nice club or a youth center, you want to watch them blast a crew of tattooed felons in the desert, or a parking lot in Paramus, or a quarry in Alaska. You want it to feel grimy and ground-level, like you do in your more fun moments.

Check out the video below. Misfire’s Sympathy for the Ignorant is out now on MNRK and available for purchase.

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