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Temple of Void Announce Relapse Debut, Drop Creepy First Single


There are few death metal bands out there today who deliver good shit as consistently as Temple of Void. The Michigan-based death-doom quintet manage to make music that’s incredibly atmospheric and unsettling even as it stomps forward with vengeful purpose. So we’re stoked to announce that the band have revealed details for a new full-length album, and have dropped the first single from it to boot!

Temple of Void’s Summoning The Slayer will come out June 3rd via Relapse Records, marking their debut on the label. The record is already available for preorder, with its tracklisting and cover art featured below.

The first single from Summoning The Slayer, “Deathtouch,” comes via a creepy medieval music video. The song itself features some of the band’s slowest and most dulcet moments to date, and yet it still embodies everything we love about them — their eeriness, their sense of inevitability, their drive even through swampy sections. The video, meanwhile, has a Game of Thrones-meets-Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” quality, with a crew of nights attempting to banish the darkness that plagues them, only for it to come back with spear in hand, thirsty for murder. Imagine an E.C. Comics storyline with a metal setting, and you’re there.

Check out the video below, followed by album details.

Temple of Void’s Summoning The Slayer:

  1. Behind The Eye
  2. Deathtouch
  3. Engulfed
  4. A Sequence of Rot
  5. Hex, Curse, & Conjuration
  6. The Transcending Horror
  7. Dissolution
Temple of Void Announce Relapse Debut, Drop Creepy First Single
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