Album Premiere: Temple of Void, Lords of Death


Temple of the Void - Lords of Death

At the sweet, sweet nexus of Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Crowbar, Celtic Frost and old Paradise Lost lies a beastly band from the death-encrusted, doom-laden city of Detroit, MI: Temple of Void.

Those references together on paper may seem jarring, but once you press play on the band’s new album Lords of Death you’ll get it right away. This is not death-doom — it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with Insomnium, Daylight Dies and the like — but rather sludge-drenched death metal that happens to be really fucking slow. Gigantic, fuzzed out, muscular death metal riffs plow forward with reckless abandon, they just happen to do so at a much slower pace than most death metal, somewhere between a New Orleans-style trot and a British funeral dirge. The result is devastatingly heavy, and we’re certain MetalSucks readers are going to absolutely love it.

Lords of Death comes out on July 28th via Shadow Kingdom; pre-order here, and stream the whole thing below.

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