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Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Offers Message to Metalheads Post-Cancer: “I Should Have Listened to My Doctors…Look After Yourselves”


Back in October, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford revealed to the world that he’d had prostate cancer. He was in remission, but kept his diagnosis a secret. Now, in a new interview, the Metal God has sent a message to all metalheads, urging them to take care of themselves.

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie on her show, Rob made the following statement, as transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“Guys and girls, you’ve gotta look after yourself. You’ve gotta keep this temple, you’ve gotta keep the heavy metal temple clean and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. And one of them, for me, was my prostate cancer issue.

“Let me quickly tell you: I should have listened to my doctors, because my doctors were saying, ‘Hey, this PSA [prostate-specific antigen] level is a bit high.’ [And I said,] ‘I’ve gotta do a tour. I’ll do it when I come back. So I missed a couple of opportunities whereby if I had had the treatment earlier, the treatment wouldn’t have been as difficult as it was. But, hey, we got through it. I had a wonderful team of medical people that looked after me in Phoenix [Arizona, where I live].

“It happened while we were in the full-on pandemic. So I was in the valley having the prostate removed and then [laughs] two weeks of the catheter, and then [laughs], of course, a little bit of radiation, a couple of months of radiation. But I came through it [thanks to] these beautiful, incredibly talented people. And I’m in remission. But I will throw this out — guys, get your blood test done, get the checks done. We’re going through colorectal cancer month right now [in March]. So please look after yourselves. It’s so important. Onward and upward.”

You heard the man — get you body checked out, guys. Go to the doctor, go to the dentist. If Halford says you should do it, it’s metal as fuck.

Check out the episode below:

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