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Yo, This New Soilwork Track Is Pretty Damn Great


I wish I could inject our younger readers with a drug that allows them to feel and understand what it was like when Soilwork‘s Natural Born Chaos came out. It’s a beautiful thing when you’re present during the release of a truly perfect album. That said, though that will always be the band’s shining moment in my memory, it also means that I will always give them a chance. And while I haven’t always dug some of the other stuff Soilwork have done, I sure as shit like this new single of theirs.

The song is called “Övergivenheten,” and is the title track of their upcoming new album. It’s a big, mid-paced, cinematic number that touches on both what we’ve always loved about Soilwork and what they’ve done really well in the past couple of years. Does this song have a melodic and cleanly-sung chorus? Most definitely. But it also has a lot of unexpected vocal and riff rhythms, and a boatload of powerful atmosphere. Bold choices were made here, and they’re working. Good on this band for continuing to rule while at the same time growing as a band.

Says frontman Bjorn “Speed” Strid:

“The title track of this album just might be the pinnacle of this band’s musical journey — it sums up everything that we’ve ever been about and the sometimes risky musical venture that this band embarked on some 20 years ago. To me this song is as close to the heart as it gets.”

Check out “Övergivenheten” below, followed by cover art and tracklisting. Soilwork’s Övergivenheten comes out August 19th on Nuclear Blast, and is available for preorder.

  1. Övergivenheten
  2. Nouse Sommes la Guerre”
  3. Electric Again
  4. Valleys Of Gloam
  5. Is It In Your Darkness
  6. Vultures
  7. Morgongåva/Stormfågel
  8. Death, I Hear You Calling
  9. This Godless Universe
  10. Dreams Of Nowhere
  11. The Everlasting Flame
  12. Golgata
  13. Harvest Spine
  14. On The Wings Of A Goddess Through Flaming Sheets Of Rain
Yo, This New Soilwork Track Is Pretty Damn Great
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