Enlarge Vocalist Sean Z also says the next album will be dedicated to Jordison.

Sinsaenum Have Found a Replacement for Joey Jordison, Say Joey’s Drumming Won’t Be On Their New Album


Last year, the metal community was heartbroken to learn that Joey Jordison, founding drummer for Slipknot, had died at age 46. Now, vocalist Sean Zatorsky of Sinsaenum, the blackened death metal band Joey was in at the time of his death, has revealed that the band have found a replacement drummer — and that Joey’s drum tracks won’t be featured on their upcoming album.

Speaking to Rock Talks, Zatorsky (also of Daath) revealed that Sinsaenum do have a drummer in place, but that he can’t say who it is (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“We do have a drummer. I can’t really say who — I’m not really allowed, unfortunately — but it is someone that we know…The guy we got’s great… He knows the band and [he’s] a friend, and it’ll just be a perfect combination, from what it sounds like. He’s known Fred [Leclercq, guitar and bass] for a long time, but I know him too. We became friends through mutual people. [He’s] not [in] a super-famous band, but he does in some [other] bands [as well].

“It’s more about just finding someone who will vibe. You’re never gonna replace Joey, so looking for the next superstar isn’t necessarily the answer, I think, sometimes. But this guy, he definitely can do the job. I think it’ll be really cool.”

However, later in the interview, Sean also makes it clear that Joey’s drumming won’t be on the band’s upcoming new album:

“No. He started to piece together what would be what. We were messaging him July 14th [of 2021] about the drumming and we started sending him songs literally right then. I think the last time I spoke with Joey was the 20th [of July]. ‘Cause I was talking about some Vented stuff and how I needed to hire him for an engineer gig. And he was, like, ‘I wanna do the Sinsaenum stuff first.’ So Vented went to the backburner. And then it was only just a few days later he died. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to do anything. But he did get to hear some of [the songs], so that kind of feels good. He liked what he heard. And it’s so cliché to say, but he definitely is one of those guys that would have been, like, ‘You guys should continue on.’ He bled, shit and slept metal. So if anybody understood, it was him.”

Sean also mentions that, as many might have guessed. Sinsaenum will dedicate their new album to Jordison.

Check out the full interview below. Everyone at MetalSucks sends their heart out to Joey’s family, friends, collaborators and fans during this difficult time.

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