Napalm Records Takes Over Our Beer Metal Playlist With Songs by Alestorm, DevilDriver, and More!


MetalSucks and Napalm Records Present Beer Metal

Updated May 21st, 2022

Right now, Napalm Records is one of the labels leading the way in terms of putting out music by bands who are fun to drink to. Between pirate metal acts like Alestorm and insane party metal crews like Trollfest, their roster’s output is tailor-made for guzzling ice-cold drinks out of a tiki head. Now, the snake has even awoken to discover that it’s drunkenly eating its own tail, with Napalm getting their own licensed beer at Decibel‘s Metal & Beer Festival next month.

We asked the Napalm crew to curate our Beer Metal playlist with some of their favorite drinking tunes from the label. Here’s what they tipsily shouted at us:

  1. Alestorm, “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew”
  2. DevilDriver feat. Simon Blade Fafara, “You Give Me a Reason to Drink”
  3. Trollfest, “Piña Colada”
  4. Aether Realm, “Redneck Vikings from Hell”
  5. Paddy and the Rats, “Party Like a Pirate”
  6. The Brew, “Gin Soaked Loving Queen”
  7. Wind Rose, “Drunken Dwarves”
  8. Rumahoy, “Forest Party”
  9. BPMD, “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers”
  10. Paddy and the Rats, “Drunk and Fucked Up”
  11. Alestorm, “P.A.R.T.Y.”

Tune in next week for more drunken hilarity. Meanwhile, try Napalm Records’ Eisen Brew at this year’s Decibel Metal & Beer Festival, which goes down June 10th and 11th at The Fillmore in Philadelphia. Get tickets here:

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