BREAKING: Here’s How to Write ‘KoЯn’ On Your Phone


There are certain extra-credit letters metalheads know by heart due to band logos. The Slayer ‘S,’ the Metallica ‘M,’ the Danzig ‘D,’ and weirdly enough the Iron Maiden ‘R’ all live in our brains rent free. For a generation of fans, among these symbols is almost certainly the Korn ‘R,’ written backwards in what looks like the slowly-dragged Crayon of an itchy child wondering if Mommy will ever come back. And now, it’s been revealed how one can type that on their phone. So they can write ‘KoЯn’ in their texts.

Say Slow news day? all you want, but we clicked on this story like it would cure cancer.

This veritable superpower seems to have been discovered by the dudes over at metal talk show/variety show/covers machine Two Minutes to Late Night, who wrote:

“Good news, I figuЯed out how to text Яeplace the backwaЯds Я fЯom the KoЯn logo on my phone’s keyboaЯd.”

Brave pioneers, they.

The story was later picked up by Loudwire, who wrote that the Korn ‘R’ is a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet used for Slavic languages like Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. The letter is pronounced “ya.” So if you download Russian keyboard onto your phone, you can casually type it.

iPhone users: go to Settings, then General, Keyboard, Keyboards. Then press “Add New Keyboard.” The Belarussian, Bulgarian (Phonetic), Russian or Ukrainian keyboards will all allow you to use ya.” The next time you’re texting, type the globe icon on your keyboard, and it’ll give you the option of using the Cyrillic one. Then bing bang boom, you’re feeling like a freak on a leash.

As for Android users, you’ll have to install the Gboard app. Once that’s up and running, go into Settings, then System, Languages and Input, Keyboards. Then tap “Virtual keyboard,” Gboard, and then Languages. Then, whammy bammy, all day you dream about backwards fucking ‘R’s, apparently,

Now, look, COULD this all be a plot by Vladimir Putin to infiltrate the phones of nu-metal fans? Possibly. It feels like one of those schemes that looks ridiculous on paper, and then turns out to be surprisingly effective due to American stupidity. Suddenly you’ve got Kamala Harris’ phone on blast because she wanted to reference “Ball Tongue.”

But really, the question is simple: how important is correctly typing ‘KoЯn’ to you?

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