Enlarge The collaboration went down at the bands' last European tour date.

Video: Members of Tool Join Brass Against Onstage for a Cover of “Stinkfist”


Last month saw brass-focused metal band and infamous onstage urinators Brass Against opening for experimental metal crew Tool on the band’s European tour. And at the closing date of that tour in Budapest, Hungary, Brass Against were treated to a special collaboration, with three members of the headliners — drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and bassist Justin Chancellor — joining them onstage for a cover of the Tool classic “Stinkfist.” You can check out video of the bands joining forces below.

As you’ll see in the video below, the dudes from Tool put on a good-natured guest spot with Brass Against, who seem stoked to have them aboard. One assumes, given the headliners’ recent prank against their openers, in which a ‘NO PEE ZONE’ sign was placed onstage during the first show the tour, that the two bands have a good report. Then again, if you launch your career covering songs by a band, one also assumes you’ll do well to build a good relationship with them.

For those of you who somehow forgot, Brass Against frontwoman Sophia Urista peed on the face of a willing fan at a festival last year. The incident was incredibly controversial for a bunch of fucking prudes, forcing the band to issue an apology, Urista to issue an apology, the band to get banned from all NASCAR-related venues, and a police report to be filed by some wiener. On the one hand, the act will undoubtedly follow the band and Urista for some time (at least a couple of years, if not for longer). On the other, in our opinion, it was a classic rock and roll move, and cements Urista as one of rock and metal’s current outsider artists, which maybe we need more of in this day and age.

ANYway, watch the folks in Budapest get a special treat below:

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