Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 10th 2022


I was going to try to find some humorous quote about the heat, but it’s just really frustratingly hot. Here’s this weeks new releases, that won’t fight back the heat, but might help with the frustration.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 10th 2022


Grey Everlasting (Season Of Mist)

Grey Everlasting, by the mysterious metal trio Deathwhite, brings the heavy, with discordant emotions taking listeners on a doom-laden journey. It’s like a dark and gloomy fantasy, with blast beats and death metal interludes twisting and turning the perceptions. If you’re looking for some melancholic background music to accompany your daydreams, this is an excellent choice.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 10th 2022


Liminal Rite (Metal Blade)

A mind-meld of deathcore, shoegaze, post-metal, ambient music and more; Kardashev‘s second full-length (and I do mean full length) album Liminal Rite is one hell of a trip. At 59 minutes no one will ever tell these guys their album wasn’t long enough again. Intermixed with spoken word, and relaying the tormented story of memory loss and nostalgia, this album is a gripping and somber listen from start to finish.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 10th 2022


Hate Uber Alles (Nuclear Blast)

When you’ve been making music for as long as Kreator have, it’s reasonable to assume you’re probably dealing with a constant combination of what you know expertly well, and terrible ennui when it comes to composition. Few things illustrate this better than Kreator’s latest album, Hate Uber Alles. After delivering their signature frenetic thrash in the first half, they take a hard turn into more experimental parts that may catch you off guard. Fortunately, I was here to tell you that, so you could prepare to listen to the entire record before slicing it in half.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 10th 2022

Severe Torture

Fisting The Sockets EP (Season Of Mist)

Fisting the Sockets, a tantalizing teaser from brutal death metal group Severe Torture, suggests what we hope to be more ferocious, skull striking musical carnage to come. Following a 12-year hiatus, these three songs offer some truly vicious guitars and furious vocals that will keep us on our toes and ready for whatever comes next. Thankfully, only death is real.

Other Sh*t That Comes Out Today:

Attempt Survivors, Educated Hips EP (Iodine) Listen
Billy Howerdel, What Normal Was (Alchemy/Rise) Listen
Bloody Heels, Rotten Romance (Frontiers) Listen
Downset, Maintain (Nuclear Blast) Listen
Dragged Under, Upright Animals (Mascot) Listen
Grace, Hope (Frontiers) Listen
Heart Attack, Negative Sun (Atomic Fire) Listen
Michael Monroe, I Live Too Fast To Die Young (Silver Lining) Listen
Moodring, Stargazer (UNFD) Listen
Motionless In White, Scoring The End Of The World (Roadrunner) Listen
Seventh Wonder, The Testament (Frontiers) Listen
The Tangent, Songs From The Hard Shoulder (InsideOut) Listen
Venus 5, Venus 5 (Frontiers) Listen
Wind Rose, Warfront (Napalm) Listen
Yatra, Born Into Chaos (Prosthetic) Listen

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