Exhumed Re-Release ‘Abort The Court’ Shirt With All Sales Benefiting Reproductive Rights Protection


If you’ve heard the phrase ‘Abort the Court’ going around lately in response to the Supreme Court’s recent overturning of landmark reproductive rights case Roe v. Wade — hell, it’s at the top of our homepage right now — you should know it started with gore metallers Exhumed, who released a shirt showing a Supreme Court Justice getting chainsawed in half by the band’s surgeon mascot, with that slogan on the back. The shirt came out when the first news that Roe v. Wade would be overturned surfaced. Now, by popular demand, Exhumed have re-released that shirt, with all proceeds going to benefit reproductive rights protection.

Exhumed posted the image below to their Instagram, with the following caption:

“You axed for it, out ‘Abort the Court’ fundraiser shirts are available for pre-order once more.

“Shipping August 15th- all profits donated to wrrap.org, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides assistance to women seeking contraceptives and abortions.”

Right the fuck on.

We’re sure it will surprise no one to learn this, but for the record, we here at MetalSucks stand with this message, and will always be pro-choice and pro-reproductive freedom. What a woman does with her body is her own business, and we think anyone who wants to police that can get fucked somewhere. If you believe that this is a religious issue, that’s your business, because American politics should not be influenced or policed by religion. America was built in part on escaping religious persecution and allowing freedom of worship. And if your god thinks a woman making a choice about her body is a bad thing, or punishable by eternal torture, then we think it’s pretty clear that you made Him in your image and not the other way around.

Check out the design below, and order your ‘Abort the Court’ shirt via Darker Corners Or, if you don’t want the shirt, go to wrrap.org, AbortionFunds.org or Planned Parenthood and donate directly to causes protecting a woman’s right to choose.

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